Houston Kicked Cancer


Thank you Houston for helping Johnny Kick Cancer at Rock the Cradle. This truly was a grassroots effort with whole families volunteering to make this event happen. The unity of a whole community displayed during Rock the Cradle is a testament to Johnny’s life and to what can be accomplish when we rally together for a great cause.

Thanks to generous donation by Rock the Cradle sponsors and on-site donations we raised north of $25,000 for Johnny Kicks Cancer Foundation! Moreover, the Gulf Coast Blood Center indicated we collected enough blood donations to save 75 LIVES!!!

Rock the Cradle set new records for Lee’s Bowl:  10’ big Air maneuvers, i.e. 23’ above the floor of Lee’s Bowl.  In addition, we hit new high water marks in the world’s largest cradle.  The top skaters were over 19.5’ above the bottom of the cradle.  These are unofficially some of the highest cradle carves ever recorded.

Houston you Rocked the Cradle for Johnny Kicks Cancer. Keep your prayers and good will thoughts coming towards this great organization and continue to support its endeavors.

Our thanks go to World Cup Skateboarding: Dave Duncan, Sasha Steinhorst, Don & Danielle Bostick, for your support over the years and to all the Pro’s for making it to Houston and making this event possible!

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Julie & Mike Romano with Lance Mountain, Dave Duncan and Sasha Steinhorst (World Cup Skateboarding).

*Bucky Lasek, brushing off the paparazzi with a front-side boneless.

*Bucky Lasek set the record for the highest air in the Lee Jamail-Pro-bowl ( He pushed it 10’+ above coping  or over 23′ above ground.).

*Kevin Kolwoski & Sky Siljeg battling for highest  cradle carve inside the world’s largest cradle …over 20′ inverted!

*Sky Siljeg Rocking the Cradle

*Sky Siljeg rocked all the way to first place during the Third Annual Rock the Cradle…a bright future for skateboarding awaits!!!

*Kevin Kolwaski grinding the Lee Pro-bowl for Johnny!

Johnny story is one of courage, determination and love. Let’s roll with courage, determination and love to kick cancer and make a difference!

*photos courtesy of Rob Henson

Video Wrap-Up from Sk808:  http://vimeo.com/16250214